GTA 5 Recovery Service for PC


Recovery Service

GTA 5 Recovery Service is ready Packages who comes with alot of GTA 5 Money, GTA 5 Level (RP), GTA 5 Unlock All for your own GTA 5 Account for cheap prices starting at 8€.

Account Boost

GTA 5 Account Boost is a service that you can buy specific GTA 5 Money, GTA 5 Level (RP) or specific GTA 5 Unlocks for your own GTA 5 Account for cheap prices starting at 2€.

Playstation 4 Money Boost

Playstation 4 Money Boost, is available on our Store, with one of the most Cheapest Prices in the Market starting at 19€ for very big Ammounts of GTA 5 Money.

Pre Modded Accounts

GTA 5 Modded Accounts are GTA 5 Accounts you can buy and they comes with a GTA 5 Recovery Service package with a bunch of GTA 5 Money, GTA 5 RP and GTA 5 Unlocks of your choise applied to the GTA 5 Modded Account. You can change the Email / Password at your own and make it your personal GTA 5 Account.



You can purchase the Lay Low Recovery Service Package for 8€ or the Best Seller package named Fuck Da Law for 15€.


We have a alot of Payment Methods so everyone arround the world can easily buy, message us to find the best payment method for you. Our site is also SSL Protected.


We complete the order within a few hours and always the Same Day.


We respect all our customers and you can easily get in contact with us at any time you want. We always answer instantly or within a few hours.​


Most frequent questions and answers

I am the 2nd Biggest GTA 5 Account + GTA 5 Recovery Service Seller in the whole GTA 5 community with more than 1 Year experience and 3.500+ completed, im the Most Growing Seller on MPGH GTA 5 Selling Section with more than 1000+ Vouches in 6 Months and i use my Own Private Methods to keep ALL my customers safe!!

Private Method (Menu): https://prntscr.com/jvnk36

After you complete your order, you only have to contact us via Discord Skype or, we answer Instantly or within a few minutes/hours. We will ask you for the login credentials of your GTA 5 Account so we can Login and do the GTA 5 Recovery Service or the GTA 5 Account Boost!!

You can Turn On 2nd Factor Authentication on your account if you want to feel more Safe, we dont have a problem with that.

GTA 5 Recovery Service and GTA 5 Account Boost is for every single version of GTA 5. 

The Service works on: 
• Steam
• Social Club
• Retail (CD)

GTA 5 Modded Accounts works on:
• Social Club
• Retail (CD)

No its not possible  to get Banned on GTA 5 from our Recovery Service but you will have 7 days Ban Warranty, normally Bans happend between 2 – 4 hours!

Im 1 year in this business and i have mod more than 1500+ GTA 5 Accounts, NONE of them become banned.

I use private methods and i have build my Own private GTA 5 Mod Menu to keep all my customers safe 🙂

Private Method (Menu): https://prntscr.com/jvnk36

We complete all the orders for GTA 5 Recovery Services, GTA 5 Account Boost Instantly or within a few hours and always the Same Day.

If you wish to buy GTA 5 Modded Accounts contact us on Discord or Skype to talk about sinse it has to be customized as you wish.

You can Live Chat with us on DiscordSkype and also on our Support Page.

We always answer instantly or within a few hours, but always the Same Day.


The answer is effortless! If you are looking for the most secure, trust-able, and professional GTA 5 Services THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! For what you are getting, we have unbeatable prices! We have more than 1200+ Positive Feedbacks on MPGH and more than 3.500+ Orders totally. Once you purchase any of our services, contact us on Discord Skype on our Facebook Page and on our Twitter to follow up with the Updates. We deliver your service instantly or within a few hours and always the same day! We complete services every day. To follow up with all updates follow us on Facebook or Twitter .

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